Caitlyn Elie

Caitlyn Elie is from Miami, Florida. At the age of three, Caitlyn began her dance […]

Deborah D. Lynch

Deborah returned to Florida after serving as Director of Performing Arts at Evansville Day School […]

Tammi Godinez

Tammi Godinez is a native of Tampa. She began her training at an early age […]

Pennye Garcia

Pennye Garcia is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana where she studied dance at DeLarue Dance Center […]

Sean McDonald

Born in Fort Myers, Florida; Sean received his B.F.A in Modern dance at the University […]

Ronnie Dee

Ronnie Dee has been an “Artist in Residence” as part of the MJPAA staff for […]

Susie Rayburn

Susie Rayburn has been a member of our team since 2013. She teaches private voice, […]

Stanislav Ivanov

Stanislav Ivanov began his ballet studies in his native country, Vladikavkaz, Russia (North Osetia). He […]

Sheri Whittington

Sheri Whittington is thankful to have been involved in the magic of performing arts since […]

Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan is a native to Tampa and an alumni of Mary Jo’s Performing Arts […]