Born in Fort Myers, Florida; Sean received his B.F.A in Modern dance at the University of South Florida. He is a 2012 Talent Grant recipient and also a former Pulse Dance Convention scholarship recipient. At USF, Sean has performed works by Jeanne Travers, John Parks, Paula Nunez, and Andrew Carroll. Sean has also performed in Doug Varone‚Äôs The Rite of Spring and in an excerpt of Rosie Herrera’s Pity Party. In 2012, Sean trained in Paris under Colleen Thomas, Daniel Madoff, and Prue Lang, where he performed his own work as well as Colleen Thomas’ work at Micadanses and had a private one-on-one class with Daniel Madoff, where he learned Totem Ancestor choreographed by Merce Cunningham. In 2013, Sean had the privilege to perform his B.F.A Solo in the USF Faculty concert. At USF, Sean has studied under Michael Foley, Andee Scott, Andrew Carroll, Jeanne Travers, and Bliss Kohlmyer. Sean has performed professionally with Adin & Ferguson Dance Theatre and Shoes At The Door Dance. Sean is currently a member of Moving Current Dance Collective.