8 week session classes starting March 25th. 

Acting Intro (Ages 5-10) – Saturday 11:00-11:45

This class focuses on learning to create characters, explore movement and learn basic acting and theatre terminology to prepare for participating in productions. Students will work on basic skills like projection and diction as well as improvisation.

Intermediate Acting (Ages 7-14)- Saturday 11:45-12:30

Intermediate Acting is the next step for students who have taken Acting Intro and wish to further their studies.  In this class, we begin to explore text and work with scene partners, in addition to working on diction and projection.  We will advance the skills of character creation and improv that we began in intro and have fun playing our old favorite theatre games in addition to some new ones!  This class is recommended for students who can read at a second-grade level or better in order to ensure that they are equipped for script work.  Any students interested in continuing with their acting journey who are not yet at the suggested reading level are welcome to retake Intro and advance to Intermediate when they are ready!