8 week session starting April 3


Acting Intro (Ages 6-10)
This class focuses on learning to create characters, explore creative movement and learn basic acting and theatre terminology to prepare for participating in productions.  Students will work on basic skills like projection and diction as well as improvisation.
Acting Stage Combat (Ages 11-18)
In this class students will learn how to safely perform unarmed stage combat with a certified
professional.  Students will learn storytelling through physicality, exploring the relationship
between combatants in a scene and most important, how to insure the safety of all
participants.  We will be learning how to perform pushes, falls, punches, blocks, kicks, and
Acting Advanced Scene Study– Monologue Workshop
This session our invitation-only Advanced Scene Study group will explore the fundamentals of monologues.  How to choose one that is right for you, how to cut it for limited audition time if necessary and where to look for them.  We will continue our study of script analysis and will begin the study of character analysis through multiple techniques.  This class will help to prepare students for auditions and competitions.