August 24, 2019 all-day

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Saturday August 27th, 2022

COST: $25 Audition Fee (Payable to Tampa Bay Triple Threat Theatre)


9:00-9:30AM Girls ages 4-5 (No previous dance experience required)

9:45-10:30AM Girls ages 6-7 (No previous dance experience required)

10:45-11:30AM Girls ages 8-11 (Must have previous dance experience)

11:45-12:30PM Acrobatics Audition (Must have an Aerial or Back Handspring to attend)

12:45-1:30PM Girls/boys 12 & older (Girls with at least one year of Pointe, please bring Pointe shoes)

1:45-2:15PM Boys ages 5 and older (No previous dance experience required)

2:30-3:00PM Adults (No previous dance experience required, contact the Academy if unable to attend the audition)