How much time have you spent digging through “Lost & Found” for that one shoe, a lost sweater, the brand new jacket, the latest fancy water bottle, or the too long left behind lunch box? Here at Mary Jo’s Performing Arts Academy we see too many things go the way of the donation box. We do our best to find the owners, but if there are not names or labels on the items, we can’t match them up. We have a win/win solution that will benefit all of our families, the Academy and the Tampa Bay Triple Threat Theatre: Mabel’s Labels! Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!

By teaming up with Mabel’s Labels and Tampa Bay Triple Threat Theatre, (our non-profit company) we can raise funds to help us increase our scholarships, and our community outreach programs.

These labels are adorable and perfect for boys, girls, school items, and around the house. You can choose the style you love and know that each label is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and waterproof. In addition, Mabel’s Labels offer 100% guarantee! Please click here to see these charming options, place your order and support our fundraiser!

Think of the time you will save the next time you need to dig through the “lost & found” bin!

Order your items from Mabel’s Labels here!