At Mary Jo’s Performing Arts Academy, your child will explore the wonderful world of the performing arts while encountering an educational, fun-filled experience. Students will be introduced to various paths of the arts and given opportunities to act, sing, dance and be creative. They will develop friendships and a lifetime appreciation of the arts.

Our goal is to provide a safe and stimulating environment that will promote the emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth of your child. Our faculty consists of caring, highly trained professionals with degrees and certifications to teach all disciplines of the arts. They have years of experience working with children and focus on providing each child with the self-esteem and life skills necessary for any endeavor.

All classes taught at MJPAA are geared to the physical, technical and mental development of the student, as well as the nurturing of a positive self-attitude. The discipline and enjoyment derived by studying the performing arts is unparalleled by any other athletic endeavor.

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