The Arts are such an important part of children’s lives. This encompasses not only dancing and singing, but also acting. Here are a few benefits for our acting students:

Drama improves a child’s public speaking skill:

  • Talking and performing in front of audiences will teach a child so many important parts of public speaking, including volume, enunciation and inflection.

Acting increases a teamwork mentality:

  • When working with a cast, a child is put into a team environment where everyone matters and has a part. This builds a teamwork mentality that can’t even compare to group projects.

Drama improves a child’s confidence:

  • Being on stage is not for the light of heart. You perform in front of strangers. This, in turn, makes your child more confident and able to handle the most embarrassing situations that can arise.

Acting makes a child more physically active:

  • A lot of kids decide at an early age that sports aren’t for them. Performing can be a good alternative to physical activity. Between dance choreography, blocking during rehearsal, building sets or just goofing off with fellow actors, acting definitely gets a child moving.

Performing in plays increases memorization:

  • When learning lines, blocking, cues and lighting actors use a lot of memorization tricks to remember everything. These tricks follow performers throughout their life – helping with studying in school and multitasking at work.

Being in drama and on stage improves professionalism:

  • For a lot of children, theater is the beginning of professional behavior. When in the dramatic arts, children have to make a great impression on directors, support fellow actors, show enthusiasm, work hard and treat everyone with respect. This follows through into a child’s work and professional life.

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