Born in Fort Myers, Florida; Sean received his B.F.A in Modern dance at the University of South Florida. Sean has performed professionally with Adin & Ferguson Dance Theatre, Shoes At The Door Dance, Moving Current Dance Collective, Tampa Modern Dance Company, Tell-A-Vision, and is currently a dancer for Rogue Dance and dancer/resident choreographer for Collective Soles Dance Company. Sean’s performance highlights include the amazing works of Doug Varone, Merce Cunningham, Rosie Herrera, Andy and Dionne Noble, Bradley Michaud, Colleen Thomas, and Juan Rodriguez. In 2016, Sean was invited to the Coco Dance Festival in Trinidad, where he assisted Jeanne Travers as a class-demonstrator and performed Travers’ work A Bridge Beyond in the festival’s evening gala. In 2017, Sean had the privilege to perform with Tell-A-Vision (as seen on America’s Got Talent) in Vancouver Canada along with being a faculty member for the Florida Dance Association’s Young Dancer’s Workshop alongside Jennifer Archibald, Alex Jones, and Kristin O’Neal.